The Ministry of Public Works announced four recent promotions of Bermudians, including a new Chief Surveyor and a Chief Engineer.
Making the announcement at a news conference on Tuesday, Minister Lieutenant Colonel David Burch said Steven Conway will be the new Chief Surveyor in the Department of Public Lands and Buildings.
Kirk Outerbridge was promoted to Chief Engineer and Nasir Wade will take over Mr Outerbridge’s former post as plant manager at Tynes Bay. Abayomi Carmichael has been promoted to ranks of principal mechanical engineer at the Government Quarry.

“Each one of these individuals are living examples of what can happen if we invest and believe in the capabilities of Bermudians,” said the Minister.

“We can train them to fill all manner of posts and yes, that also means that we may have to utilise the expertise of an experienced expatriate to get them where they need to be, with the ultimate goal always being to provide opportunities for Bermudians.”

Mr Conway worked for the Bermuda Housing Corporation for 12 years and later served as property manager for the Bermuda National Trust before moving to the Ministry of Public Works, where he has worked for five years as a senior estates surveyor.

Kirk Outerbridge

Mr Outerbridge was the plant manager at Tynes Bay for nearly 12 years. Mr Wade has worked as a mechanical engineer at Tynes Bay for the past six years.

Prior to that he worked for the US Federal Government in its central heating and cooling power plant in Washington DC.

Mr Carmichael worked as the vice president of risk management and analysis for the Ascendant Group Ltd before he joined the Ministry in July.

Abayomi Carmichael