After 12 years at Charities House on Point Finger Road in Paget, Age Concer is relocating. On Tuesday, November 14th, Age Concern will join sponsoring partners, Fort Knox in their office space at the central location of 1 Burnaby Street, in Hamilton, on the corner of Church and Burnaby Streets.

The office will launch a Field Desk, as a pilot project, which will act as the central hub for walk-in queries about Age Concern and membership services: including signing up for events; renewing memberships and booking appointments for financial hardship support.

Age Concern’s Chairperson, Linda Smith said: “The organization is growing tremendously and now has more than 5,800 members.

“The City of Hamilton location allows us greater access to older adults who frequent the City to shop and conduct personal and private business, among other necessities. The Fort Knox, Field Desk will open to the public Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm.”

Fort Knox CEO Troy Symonds said: “We are thrilled to be sponsoring Age CAoncern in this pilot initiative. It really was an easy decision to make having been a LINK partner of Age Concern for over two years we believe in the organization’s work and understand the value of the organization to the island.

“Our Burnaby Street location is ideal for seniors as they already frequent our offices asking for directions and information. The use of our offices is our small way of giving back to Age Concern and our community.”

Executive Director of Age Concern, Dr Claudette Fleming stated: “It’s an exciting time at Age Concern and we hope the move will ad value to the existing customer services that we offer.

“We are not entirely new to the City of Hamilton, in fact, in the year 2000, Age Concern opened its office doors to the public for the first time at the Russell Eve Building across from the current bus terminal. So in many ways we are returning home.

“The move also allows for events and larger gatherings to be hosted within community settings such as church halls and community centres, providing greater community access to our services and greater event delivery flexibility.

“We will be sure to keep members and the general public informed of our upcoming events and related locations,” she added.

The November 14th move will be part of a two-phase relocation, with the remaining back office, non-customer functions of Age Concern also moving to a City of Hamilton location in January 2018.

For more information of Age Concern and its services, call 238-7525, or email, or visit

  • Age Concern is a Bermuda-registered charity (#137) that exists to promote the rights and responsibilities and enhance the quality of life of older adults in Bermuda.