Lynn was attended to by medical staff after the crash – Image: Motorsport Images/

Mirror Online: LONDON, England – British Formula E star Alex Lynn was rushed to hospital following a horror crash in a race in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

The 27-year-old was taking part in the second Diriyah E-Prix of the week when his Mahindra car hit Mitch Evans’ Jaguar.

This caused it to flip in the air and skid along the ground upside down.

The race was immediately halted and Lynn was attended to by medical staff before he went to hospital.

Fortunately it has been reported that Lynn was in a stable condition following checks.

Speaking about the incident Evans, who abandoned his race to run to Lynn’s aid, told “It was not a nice accident. Basically, I was defending hard from Alex into [Turn] 18 and he drove close to the wall.

“He didn’t really back out of it. Was there room? I’m not sure, I need to see the replay. I hope there was and I didn’t do anything out of order.

“But he clipped my rear wheel and had an aeroplane crash. It was really nasty.

“I saw him go into the wall and I jumped out to make sure he was okay.

“You never want to see that sort of stuff. He’s a friend as well. You don’t want to see people go through that.

“I’ve spoken to him. He seems all fine but he’s gone [to hospital] as a precaution to make sure there’s nothing after the shock has worn off.

A statement from Formula E read: “We are thankful that Alex Lynn is well after this accident. Testament to the medical staff, marshals and the @FIA who keep our sport safe and to Mitch Evans who abandoned his race to run to Alex’s aid.”
Lynn has been racing in Formula E since 2016, with 16th his best finish.
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