It is with profound sadness that we at Port Royal announce the passing of two-time Bermuda Amateur & Missouri State Senior Champion James ‘Jim’ Ammon, The Villages, Florida.

Jim Ammon was stationed at NOB in Southampton with the US Military 1969 – 1972 when Port Royal Golf Course was first opened. He was an exceptional golfer who fit into the Port Royal family quite well. In fact, by being in Bermuda at Port Royal’s inception Jim Ammon was indeed a hometown Port Royal, Southampton golfer. He blended in to the Bermuda community and on reflection was very comfortable among a newly integrating Bermuda society. He would play in Rogers Outerbridge’s Pro Am and Junior Tournaments and would go on to make  many friends in Bermuda.
Kim Swan recalls: “I will forever remember the first golf shot I watched Jim Ammon hit into #2 – it was impressive- he often played on his own and then  I was able to tag along. We played a lot of golf together and as I was emerging, I was the beneficiary of our games together then. He even played on my Rogers Outerbridge Grand Slam Team, which was huge back in 1972.”
Jim would go on to make friends with Walter King, Rogers Outerbridge, Quinn Talbot, Denton Outerbridge, JJ Madeiros and numerous others and rekindle those friendships with regular visits to Bermuda to compete in golf events.
Ironically, Jim Ammon and Walter King would connect in St Louis, Missouri where they both resided at one time. Dawn recalls watching them play on a cold day at
When diagnosed with Dementia, Jim made his last visit to Bermuda in 2017 to say farewell to an island he loved and reach out to friends he had made.
Kim Swan shared, “I was overjoyed seeing Jim Ammon at Port Royal in 2017. He played such a big part in my early development as a golfer. He willingly golfed with a young developing player and was very encouraging. “
My deepest condolences to his darling widow Dawn during this difficult time. Her wish was to ensure “Denton Outerbridge, Quinn Talbot and JJ Madeiros were made aware… “
 Bermuda Amateur Champion James Amon loved Bermuda and we will remember you Jim!!
Jim Ammon was among our earliest Port Royal Golfers – as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary- Jim Ammon’s golf story fonms a significant part of our story as well.
On behalf of the Trustees, Mangement and Staff of Port Royal Golf Course past and present we offer our deepest condolences to man whose life story in intertwined with ours – Port Royal & Bermuda Loves You James ‘Jim’ Ammon.
Rest In Peace Janes Jim Ammon – A Port Royal Bie Forever

Kim Swan JP MP, St George’s West #2 – Chairman, Bermuda Govt. Golf Courses