Stanley Lowe, Former Speaker of the House & PLP MP

Former Speaker of the House and MP for Southampton East, Stanley Lowe was laid to rest on Wednesday.

Premier David Burt opened the latest briefing on Wednesday saying an “outpouring of admiration” is “certain” when MPs meet on Friday for “a Bermudian leader and our friend”.
“In a pre-COVID-19 world he and his family would have received the pomp and circumstance of an official funeral, and the line of speakers to give him the recognition and accolades which he deserved would have covered the gamut of past and present political, social and community leadership,” said Mr Burt.
“Sadly with COVID-19 and physical distancing, we could not give him the home going ceremony that a man of his accomplishment and stature deserved.
“We who serve in the House of Assembly, meet on Friday and I am certain that the outpouring of admiration, respect and stories of Speaker Lowe will provide some comfort until the day when we can properly and fully recognize this fallen Bermudian.
“Our prayers are with his family and with all who knew, loved and admired Speaker Lowe.”