More questions than answers as far as One Bermuda Alliance MP and former Premier, Michael Dunkley is concerned, on the $156,000 one-year contract given to former Minister of Tourism, Renée Webb.

Hard on the heels of Premier David Burt’s response to Parliamentary Questions field by the former Premier on Friday, Mr Dunkley stated today, that the Premier still needs to inform Bermuda’s taxpayers “why the position was filled without advertising”.

“The decision to do so goes against best practice and raises many questions,” said Mr Dunkley.

“In spite of the appearance that Dr Hon Renée Webb has been lobbying for this position for some months it is appropriate that the position be advertised to cast the net as wide as possible and to give qualified Bermudians an opportunity to apply.

“Question two asked for complete details of the employment package and the answer was incomplete as it only covered  salary and travel.  The questions of housing allowance and any other benefits were left unanswered. Why?

“The lack of complete and comprehensive  answers once again shows a lack of accountability and transparency by the PLP as Government and makes one wonder if there is something to hide.

“This flies in the face of their support for accountability and transparency while in Opposition. Finally the budget for the current financial year ( 2018/19) showed no line item for the Brussels Office. Will a supplementary request for funds have to be tabled in the House or have funds been vired from another area?”

In response to the Parliamentary Questions, Premier Burt told MPs on Friday that Ms Webb will receive $156,864 for her one-year appointment at Bermuda’s representative to the European Union in Brussels.

The Premier also noted that travel expenses will be “met in accordance with standard terms and conditions of consultant contracts within the public services”.

He also stated that the post was not advertised.

The appointment and the formal opening of the new office was announced in January.