• The following statement was released on Sunday, January 31,2021 on the passing of former PLP Senator Laverne Furbert…

Bermuda and our family lost Laverne Furbert today.

She was the proud mother of two brilliant sons, a doting and loving grandmother, aunt and friend.
In the larger community, Laverne was a dedicated Trade Unionist, a lifelong PLP activist and a persistent proponent of freedom, justice and equality.
Personally, Laverne and her sisters Cheryl and Maxine were my cousins and childhood playmates in Flatts.
She was also commonly known as my Great Defender. Laverne understood that Bermuda is in need of fundamental change and worked tirelessly to accomplish that goal.
Wanda and I are grieving today because we know that Laverne spent her entire lifetime labouring for and giving to her family, friends and country.
Her loss is devastating. We will miss her dearly.