• The following Op-Ed was released today by former Progressive Labour Party MP Renee Webb…

Craig Cannonier seemed angry and shell shocked as he did a round of media on Friday bemoaning that the election has been called. It is the Premier’s prerogative to call the election when he sees fit, whether the Leader of the Opposition or anyone else disagrees with the timing. You don’t get to call it Craig, the Premier does.

Craig’s failure to do simple math, not understanding that bye-elections + general election would cost taxpayers more money than just having a general election.  Also, the fact that having a general election now allows us to just get on with it as a community, bring the divisiveness to an end, and allow the retirements to happen.  After the election,  the newly elected Government can focus on the economy and the tough decisions that need to be made to move Bermuda forward.

The job of a political party in Bermuda is to be ready for an election at any time. The fact that an election can be called at any time within a 5 year and 3 months period is good for our democracy. It keeps parties on their toes and is designed to keep candidates constantly canvassing and connected with the community. If an election can be called at any time, a political party and budding or current MP’s should be ready and connected to the community.

It is apparent that the OBA is not ready for an election, and, that isn’t the fault of the PLP. They are responsible for their lack of preparation. The OBA has had years to recruit candidates. They’ve had years to go door to door, call voters and connect with voters in their communities. They’ve had opportunities to hold media events, leverage the power of social media and build trust with Bermudians. They failed to do that and they should not be blaming their failure on the PLP or it’s leader.

Instead of whining and complaining, the OBA needs to buck up, announce candidates and get out on the doorstep connecting with voters and showcase their leader, Craig Cannonier, who needs to explain his vision for Bermuda and Bermudians.

The OBA needs to stop the whining, get connected to the community and make their case to the voters.