Former Progressive Labour Party MP Neletha Butterfield was formally honoured as a noted author at the opening of the ‘Globalize Your Mind Conference and Women’s Cultural Retreat held in Detroit this month.

Ms Butterfield’s publisher, Ms El-Amin Naheem, noted that Ms Butterfield was being honoured for her “outstanding work and the service she provides in her country to assist those in the African Diaspora” on October 14.

Ms El-Amin Naheem, who thanked Ms Butterfield for her work, said: “We must continue to pay homage and honour to those who preserve our history.

“For her it was not about making a lot of money in selling her books, but it was about her legacy, preserving our history and the sacrifice and dedication she made to her community has captured this in her books.”

On receiving the acknowledgement, Ms Butterfield said the event truly “enriched and enhanced the cultural experience”.

“I was encouraged by the workshops that were held, in particular, the ‘Global Leadership’ Workshop on seven ways to use transformative travel to enhance your impact in the world as a female leader.

“Seven reasons is one of the most powerful personal development tools known to mankind, yet many of us unknowingly waste it – curiosity, patience, decisiveness, adaptability, empathy, inspires creativity and attitude of gratitude.

“I am truly grateful and thankful for the honer and recognition,” said Ms Butterfield.

“The three-day workshop was very uplifting and my soul was not only restored with hope but restored.

“I was encouraged to know and realize that there is an entire world of possibilities and I cannot move unless I was tuned in with myself.

“I was encouraged to know myself, honour myself and use my gifts to the fullest by investing in myself because when I invest in myself not only is my soul enliven but I can enliven the world.

“We had eight culture boxes to complete: beliefs, values, ideas, physical things, food, dress, community and spirituality.

“I am truly grateful and thankful for the honour and recognition.”

The first day of the conference focused on “breaking out of our normal routine to experience a powerful community festival at the Headwrap Expo.

The second day of the conference saw workshops featuring the two guest speakers, Vishavijit Singh on Sikhism and ‘Leading Through Vulnerability’. Mr Singh is a survivor of the 1994 genocidal killings of Sikhs. He uses cartoons to discuss the latest political, social, economic and religious developments.

Maria Popinova, who specializes in portraits shared some of her award winning photographs and teachings on how we can use our eyes to see deeper than the surface.

On day three, Michiko Yoshimoto, a Japanese Cultural specialist shared the significance of the ancient Kimono, which is a prominent fixture of Japanese culture in women’s leadership.