Clayhouse Renaissance has submitted plans to build a new commercial building at the former site of the once popular nightspot, the Clayhouse Inn on North Shore in Devonshire.

Plans sent to the Development Applications Board, call for the development of a commercial building with retail space on the ground floor, doctors’ offices on the first floor, with a basement.

Drawings for the retail space show a restaurant, a pharmacy, and a liquor store.

According to the developer’s website said the property’s owner always dreamed of developing the property further, since its heyday back in the day, as a nightclub and residences.

The site would also have parking for 31 cars and 26 motorcycles.

“The proposed development will continue its commercial use with the establishment of a pharmacy and doctors’ offices,” the website says.

“The family see the development as a win for the surrounding and distant neighbourhoods due to the intended use and location along a well-travelled road. The nearest facility that is similar is approximately two to three miles away.”

Architectural drawings of a new commercial building at the former site of Clayhouse Inn (Image from planning documents)

The former Clayhouse Inn was demolished in 2020, after falling into a state of disrepair.

The venue shut down after a fire in January 2002

Documents submitted with the plans added: “The development is not out of character for the area. There are existing commercial developments located within the setbacks under Residential 1 zoning.“

This new proposal is smaller than the earlier design for the site that were approved in principle in 2008.

Architectural drawings of a new commercial building at the former site of Clayhouse Inn from planning documents

It was also noted that this latest proposal does not comply with the minimum setback from the road. But a sidewalk would be created between the building and the road.

The application also said: “The proposed building is located to soften any visual impact and provide the similar view of the previous building when viewed from overlooking properties,”

“The previous building had no setback from the North Shore Road and the shoreline. We have provided a setback along North Shore Road to install a sidewalk for pedestrian safety. We have also provided a setback from the shoreline.”

Top Feature Photo A rendering of the proposed new commercial building at the site of the former Clayhouse Inn (Image from