A Canadian forensic pathologist told a news conference today that American teenager Mark Dombroski is believed to have died from a fall.

Christopher Milroy told members of the media that he performed a “very detailed analysis” yesterday.

“My conclusions from my examination are that Mark died from a fall from a height. I have found no evidence of foul play in my post-mortem examination,” he said.

The 19-year-old’s body was found on Monday afternoon in the moat at Fort Prospect in Devonshire, a day and a half after he disappeared during a night out on the town on Saturday night with family and friends.

Superintendent Sean Field-Lament said Mr Dombroski was found at the base of a 35ft drop at Fort Prospect.

He also confirmed that his body was discovered by police accompanied by his brothers.

On the social media posts circulated suggesting that Mr Dombroski was murdered, he said the posts were “unguarded” based on a “very traumatic encounter”, and that “certain aspects of this case were taken out of context”.

“Those initial impressions were not true,” he added.

And as the investigation continues he said: “We are still open minded and accept all evidence that can be gathered.

“As such, we will be exhausting all avenues at the scene to try to determine, if we possibly can, what happened.

“There may be questions that we’ll never be able to answer.”

The young rugby player, here with his St Joseph’s University team mates for a tournament, was seen on CCTV footage walking along Alexandra Road at 1:30am on Sunday.

He was last seen at the Dog House on Front Street just after midnight on Saturday night, and later spotted on CCTV at the east end of Front Street at about 1am. Ten minutes later he was captured on camera on Middle Road in Devonshire.