On the weekend crime sheet, police are investigating a burglary that occurred at Christ Church on Middle Road in Warwick, that saw an unknown suspect make off with “a quantity of foodstuff including three boxes of frozen chicken”, bound for “meals as part of a community feeding program”.

Police say the theft was reported shortly after 11pm on Sunday (June 21).

A spokesman said: “There was no sign of forced entry.

“The incident occurred sometime between 5pm on Friday, June 20th and 10:30pm on Saturday, June  21st.”

The items stolen were “part of a community feeding program which has been operated by the church since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic”, he added.

Earlier that same night, at around 10:20pm,  police received information of a male acting suspiciously in the area of Union Street in the City of Hamilton.

“Reports are the suspect was seen to have placed an object inside a trash receptacle located on the sidewalk,” the spokesman said.
“Officers responded and upon inspecting the trash can which belongs to the Corporation of Hamilton, they recovered an imitation firearm.”
Coast Guard Units also witnessed a man operating a jet ski “in a dangerous manner just outside Paradise Lakes”, around 7:10pm on Sunday.
“The Coast Guard team sought to intercept the individual, but he attempted to escape by going through the Great and Little Sounds, Grey’s Bridge and around the Dockyard.
“He was however eventually stopped and arrested and detained for operating a watercraft whilst impaired.”
Emergency response crews were also called out to a private dock in response to a report of a boat fire around 5:10pm off Middle Road and Riddles Bay Road in Warwick.
“Upon arrival they found that a 42-year-old male on board the vessel was had sustained burns to his arm & legs.
“He was conscious & breathing and being treated by EMS personnel for injuries did not appear to be life threatening.
“Initial reports indicate the fire was possibly started by a battery that sparked near a gas canister.
“An investigator from Bermuda Fire and rescue Service and informed police that nothing suspicious involved in the incident.”
And police received a report of two men “behaving in a suspicious manner” in the Admiralty House area of Pembroke shortly after midnight on Sunday.
“The pair, who were travelling on a motorbike, entered the park and headed towards Mariners Lane.
“They then abandoned the bike near the waterside on mariners Lane.
“It was later discovered that the bike was reported stolen back on the 29th of May, this year from the Berkeley Hill, Pembroke area.”