• Former One Bermuda Alliance Leader and former Premier Michael Dunkley issued the following response to a recent article by Progressive Labour Party MP Kim Swan, that was published January 19, 2018 on the PLP’s website and Bermuda Real:

“The article by MP Kim Swan, entitled ‘OBA Attacks on the Civil Service is an Attempt to Sidetrack the PLP’, is littered with misinformation and fake news.

“Let us not forget that out of the blue the PLP Government decided to create two positions, one as Head of the Civil Service and another as the Cabinet Secretary.

“It was not in their platform and it was not in the Throne Speech. It was not an election promise.

“It is one recommendation of the SAGE Commission, which the PLP called the ‘Cuts and Pain Commission’, and they have to date not addressed how they will use the report.

“When asked questions they have refused to answer but rather have attacked the messenger.

“This indeed is disappointing as all Bermudians wish for are answers to questions insuring the decisions of the government are understood and fully explained.

“It appears in this case, and others recently, the PLP Government is unwilling to be open and transparent.

“What a shame.

“Bermudians can be assured that the Opposition will continue to support all good policies, offer options for a better way and not back down from representing the people we serve even when attacked by the government.”

Shortly after the announcement last week, the former One Bermuda Alliance leader said it comes down to another senior position that will ultimately cost taxpayers more money.

Separating the two posts he said, was an “out of the blue” attempt to create a political appointment.

He noted that: “Since 2010, both roles have been the responsibility of one person, and with this change the roles will be separate and each graded at PS 50 with each job paying $209,894.19.”

He also said: “Since July 2017 we have seen more jobs added to the government ranks with no known efficiencies or cost savings. Now this change will further increase costs to the taxpayer.

“Out of the blue changes like this will not help but have the potential to dig a deeper hole,” he added.