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Just weeks after he resigned as an MP, Premier David Burt appointed Rolfe Commissiong as Minister of Community Affairs and Sports and Leader in the Senate to join Tinee Furbert and Lawrence Scott as the new Cabinet Ministers.

The announcement was made on Thursday at Government House before a full room of Progressive Labour Party MPs, friends and family.

Dropped out of the Cabinet were Lovitta Foggo, who was replaced by Commissiong and Neville Tyrell, who was replaced by Lawrence Scott to head up the Ministry of Transport.

Tyrell was appointed as an interim Minister to replace Zane DeSilva, who resigned with Wayne Caines earlier this year.

Photo: Premier Burt – Twitter

Tinée Furbert was appointed Minister of Social Development and Seniors.

The new Senators were also appointed as junior ministers include Owen Darrell, the Premier’s Chief of Staff, who will also be the junior Cabinet Office Minister.

Curtis Richardson was appointed junior minister of Transport, Health and National Security. Arianna Hodgson was assigned to Community Affairs and Sport in the Senate and Lindsay Simmons was assigned as the junior minister for Social Development and Seniors.

In his opening remarks, Premier Burt said: “One week ago, Bermudians were presented with the choice of who would bear the heavy responsibility for rebuilding this economy and reviving the livelihoods of our people.”

He also noted that the General Election result was “clear and unambiguous” and that “the mandate of trust emphatically expressed by the people is both humbling and inspiring”.

“With some new faces, especially in the Senate, that legislative team is now 35,” he added.

“My hope is that, as our seniors say, many hands make light work.”

Moving forward, he said the mandate was “a heavy one” and that “rebuilding” Bermuda’s economy was their number one priority.

The next parliamentary session will be a busy one, he said, after the Throne Speech on November 6.

The New Cabinet:

  • David Burt – Premier
  • Lawrence Scott – Transport
  • Tinee Furbert – Social Development and Seniors
  • Kim Wilson – Health
  • Diallo Rabain – Education
  • Wayne Furbert – Economic Development and Diversification
  • Renee Ming – National Security
  • Lt. Col. David Burch – Public Works
  • Kathy Simmons – Attorney General
  • Curtis Dickinson – Finance
  • Jason Hayward – Labour
  • Walter Roban – Home Affairs
  • Rolfe Commissiong – Community Affairs and Sports

The New Senators:

  • Owen Darrell
  • Curtis Richardson
  • Arianna Hodgson
  • Lindsay Simmons
  • Rolfe Commissiong

“Whilst the public push and imperative is the rebuilding of the economy, this must be done in concert with the strengthening of our families and caring for society’s most vulnerable. Just as finance and economic development need dedicated ministerial level oversight, so must our social services. We promised to rebuild Bermuda with Bermudians at heart and we must ensure that we have a more inclusive society. That heart for the people must form a big part of what we do.

“Before the impact of COVID-19 and the advent of a culture of masks and physical distancing, we had set Bermuda on a path to fiscal sustainability and renewed economic growth. That mission is unchanged.  And though it may be a little bit more difficult we have a strong, diverse, and united team, backed with the support of the people and have no doubt, this Government has the will to do what is required.”

In closing, he thanked “all those who offered themselves for public service”.

“Thank you also to the families who provide the invaluable support which makes what we all do that much easier,” said Mr Burt.

“Sadly the pandemic has limited attendance today, but I’d like to thank all of the families, all of the branch workers, all of those who work behind the scenes and never get the credit or do not get acknowledged.

“This team is your team, this team is Bermuda’s team, and now it is time for this team to get to work.”