British Airways made a special landing in Bermuda from London recently, with the first-ever Bermudian Inflight Manager on board, who said it was like a long-time dream had finally come true.

Keivin Richardson-Crane Pimentel recently travelled to the island, on shift, operating as cabin crew – a long way up for the former Customer Service Agent at LF Wade International Airport.

Reflecting on the proud moment, Mr Pimentel said: “I always dreamed of becoming cabin crew. And to fly as the first Bermudian Inflight Manager to not only the place that I was born but also were I started my aviation career was the best achievement in life I could ask for.

“Having managers and mentors like Marianne Wilcox, Tony Cabral and Herbie Siggins early in my aviation career at Bermuda Airport gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams, and it feels like all of the hard work and training has paid off. 

“Seeing my grandma Elsie Crane-Shaw greet me outside LF Wade airport really made me feel that I had done it all.”

A spokesperson noted that the airline’s first Bermudian Inflight Manager, who grew up in St George’s, “joined British Airways as a part time Customer Service Agent on June 1, 2005, just before his twentieth birthday”.

“Pursuing his dream of becoming cabin crew, he joined British Mediterranean in 2007,” the spokesperson added.

“He then transferred to British Airways in 2012 and was promoted to the role of Inflight Manager in January 2022.

“British Airways Airport Manager Marianne Wilcox managed Keivin during his time at Bermuda Airport, and was there to greet him when the BA159 touched down in Bermuda on March 19.”

Mr Pimentel enjoyed the day that marked a major milestone with his family in Bermuda before operating the BA158 return to London Heathrow on March 21.