At least five people have died and 60 have been injured in an early morning horror crash involving trucks, cars and a tour bus in Pennsylvania this morning (January 5).

  • Initial reports say: “It is not clear at this stage what caused the accident that occurred at around 3.30am but investigators have now closed the road for 86 miles.

    “Turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo said the tour flipped on its side during the crash.”

    Mirror Online reports: “Victims range in age from seven to 52 and it is believed that at least nine are under 18 years old, according to Excela Health spokeswoman Robin Jennings.”

    According to Fox News the 60 people injured were transported to three area hospitals in Westmoreland County.

    Trib Live reports: “Eleven victims were taken to Forbes Hospital in Monroeville.”

    A hospital spokeswoman said: “One is in critical condition and the others are in fair condition.”

    The accident happened on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

    Bud Mertz, the Safety Director of Westmoreland County Public Safety said several ambulance companies sent units to transport the victims “following the protocol for a mass casualty incident”.

    “The National Weather Service forecast for Westmoreland County at the time of the crash listed light unknown precipitation and an air temperature just below freezing,” the report added.

    Officials said it was “premature” to say whether or not the weather was a factor in the horrific crash as social media tributes poured in on social media.

    One person wrote: “I was in a car accident on November 30th 2005 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, my girl friend died, my dog died, I survived but also died. My heart weights heavy for all those involved.”

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