Five days after a bus mechanic tested positive for COVID-19 and the public bus service was suspended, the Department of Public Transportation (DPT) has finally said that service may resume on Thursday (Dec 17).

According to the statement released at 6:40pm this evening advising Bermuda’s public bus commuters that the service was still suspended – as if they didn’t know by the way, a spokesman said that they are still waiting for “advice from the Ministry of Health”.

“The public is also advised, that the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit are finalising recommendations to DPT management, and the Occupational Safety and Health Committee to review and decide on the next steps.

“The Department of Health has completed a workplace risk assessment and the DPT management team is implementing a remedial action plan, including enhanced workplace protocols for distancing, hygiene, and mask-wearing – to prevent possible future disruptions of the bus service,” he added.

Note the fact that he pointed to that infamous “DPT management team” – the same team headed up by yet another Minister of Transportation who said sorting out the DPT bus schedule debacle would be his top priority.

According to the statement released tonight, the spokesman said: “The DPT recognises the inconvenience to the travelling public, however, to ensure the health and safety of others, suspending the bus service remains the best course of action at this time.”

That would be the same management team that still cannot manage a schedule with a dilapidated bus fleet – a team that does not rely on buses!

This journalist is not even going to go back there – but tell you what – a big part of the problem is the fact that the powers that be DON’T CATCH BUSES!

The statement goes on to provide a statement from the newly appointed Minister of Transport, Lawrence Scott, who said: “As Bermuda experiences an increase in positive COVID-19 tests, we must all do our part as responsible citizens to prevent further spread of the virus in our community.”

“To that end, I am confident in the abilities of the Department of Public Transportation and the Ministry of Health teams, and I thank them as they go about executing their duties to ensure the bus service can safely resume.

“I also want to remind and urge all public service vehicle (PSV) operators and the general public to adhere to the guidance provided by the Ministry of Health to help keep everyone, especially those most vulnerable persons in our community, safe,” he added.

The Department of Public Transportation is working towards resuming service this week Thursday and will provide a further update tomorrow.

On that note, we’ll leave you with ONE QUESTION: “When is the last time anyone in the DPT hierarchy – including whoever the Minister or Director of DPT is  has caught a BUS to go anywhere?

Just asking and will say it again the only common factor between BELCO and BUSES is the letter ‘B’. You might want to start with your latest DPT Director and his management/INCOMPENTENT DPT CIVIL SERVANT MANAGEMENT TEAM!

First directive – never mind the so-called unionised bus operators – START with a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT for them to try catching a bus! That would mean parking your cars and go see what your bus commuting public are ACTUALLY DEALING WITH!