Becoming a first-time parent comes with its challenges, but can you imagine going through labour for the first time while a Category 4 hurricane was bearing down on Bermuda.

As it turns out that was the case of Kei-she Fubler and Brandon Wilson during the early hours of this morning (Sept 23) for the birth of their first child – a baby girl – A’riyah Justice Fubler-Wilson.

While hurricane force winds were raging, A’riyah was born at 3:17am weighing 6lbs 8oz at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

According to the post, published on social media, the baby was overdue and due to be induced before word that Hurricane Fiona would impact Bermuda.

“The doctors had rescheduled that for Monday or Tuesday,” said father Brandon, “but A’riyah decided to come naturally today. It all worked out well.”

Bermuda Hospitals Board had advised the couple to stay overnight in the Maternity Unit as a precaution given the late stage of the pregnancy.

“They felt that the baby could come and that it would be difficult, or near impossible for us to make it here in time,” said the father. “And that’s what happened. They gave us good advice and we are glad we took it.”

Beaming with delight, Brandon said witnessing the birth of his daughter was difficult to explain. “

On the birth of his daughter, he said: “So many different wonderful emotions are there.

“I was happy, I wanted everything to go smoothly and for the birth experience to be good one and for her to be healthy. Anything can happen during delivery and I’m grateful that we had a successful delivery. It’s a blessing.”

Mother Kei-shea added: “I’m overwhelmed with joy. I brought this new life into the world. She is well and I am well. I’m blessed. And it’s such a relief that she came naturally. I was a bit scared of being induced. The nurses and the staff were there for me and for Brandon. I felt supported.”

Asked if they had considered naming their daughter Fiona, the couple said many of their family and friends had asked the same.

“We thought maybe Stormy,” said Kei-shea, “but we had already agreed on A’riyah Justice and decided to stay with that.”