He has come a long way since he became the first male nurse graduate to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from the Bermuda College three years ago. And today, Waleed Lightbourne secured another major milestone, with a fellow nursing colleague, who also got her start in Nursing at the South Shore campus.

Janai Coldwell

Mr Lightbourne and Janai Coldwell are now the first two recipients of the Bermuda Hospitals Board’s (BHB) new mental health scholarship awards, funded by donations from the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust (BHCT).

The two year scholarship pays $40,000 per year to attend Northampton University so the recipients can complete their Bachelor’s Nursing Degree in Mental Health.

Chief Operating Officer, Scott Pearman said he was “proud to see the first two recipients of the mental health scholarship awards announced”. And he publicly thanked the BHCT for their donation.

“Our mental health services need Bermudian nurses for the stability and future leadership of on-island services. The Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute will see many of their senior nursing staff retire over the next five years, so we are greatly encouraged to see the next generation start their training.”

Chief of Nursing, Judy Richardson congratulated both recipients and said: “I’m always excited to see new nurses qualify and it is especially pleasing to see talented and committed Bermudians choose a nursing pathway in mental health.

“It is a highly fulfilling professional career to choose, with opportunities, if wanted, to advance through different areas and eventually move into higher levels of management. I look forward to seeing them return home after training,” she added.

Waleed graduated from Bermuda College with his Associate’s Degree in 2015, and is currently working in BHB’s nurse internship programme in the hospital’s Acute Care Wing.

Janai’s interest in psychiatric nursing was peeked during her tenure as a Community Support worker in the Learning Disability Department at the Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI), a post she currently works in. She decided to go back to school to gain her RN designation and attained her Associate’s Degree in Nursing in May 2017.

On behalf of Bermuda Real, congratulations!

  • Photos Courtesy of BHB