Police today confirmed the firearms incident on Rocky Wold Drive in Sandys around 11:20pm on Friday night (July 10).

Officers responded to reports of gunshots in the White Hill neighbourhood,

A spokesman said: “Police quickly established that two males were seen walking through the area shortly before shouting was heard, followed by what are believed to be three gunshots.

“Although all of the circumstances are not totally clear, there appears to have been a confrontation between a number of males.
“A man was seen running away from the area, followed shortly thereafter by two males speeding away on a motorcycle.
“An area resident subsequently reported that what they believed to be a spent round from a discharged firearm had pierced their living room window and was lodged in a wall in their living room.
“Officers from the Forensic Support Unit attended the scene and were able to confirm that a firearm had been discharged.
“A full investigation has been commenced into this shooting incident which as stated earlier appears to be as a result of feuding between a group of unknown males.
“Police uniform officers performed reassurance patrols in the area throughout Saturday and Sunday.”
Antoine Daniels Assistant Commissioner of Police – Crime – strongly condemned the actions of those responsible for this incident.
“This senseless act could have resulted in serious injury or worse to an innocent person who was merely enjoying the comfort of what should have been the safety of their home.”
The Assistant Commissioner added: “Investigators are pursuing specific lines of inquiry based on information received and
we urge anyone who can provide additional information to get in contact with us.
“Remember if you see something say something as we are all in this together.”
Anyone with information is asked to contact 211, the main police number 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers number, 800-8477.