Just when you thought you may have heard it all – not only were police and first responders kept busy dealing with road traffic accidents this past weekend, but this time emergency vehicles were also involved in accidents.

Police and fellow first responders were dispatched to a reported accident around 3:50pm on Sunday, June 3, on North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish, near the junction with East Point Lane.

A spokesman said: “Initial information indicates that a motorcyclist and the driver of a fire truck were traveling in opposite directions along North Shore Road when the motorcycle struck the side of the fire truck.

The fire truck apparently had its emergency equipment (lights and sirens) on at the time. 

The rider, believed to be a 23-year-old Smith’s parish woman, was said to have sustained non-life threatening injuries to her arms and legs.

An update on her medical condition is anticipated in due course.”

Within the next hour of that accident, a car and an ambulance collided at a junction on Front Street.

The crash occurred at about 4.40pm at the foot of Court Street, by the entrance to the docks.

A police spokesman said: “Initial information suggests that a car driven along Court Street and an ambulance driven along Front Street — which had its emergency lights on at the time — collided.

“Apparently there were no reported injuries. However, both vehicles were damaged.”

Inquiries are under way and any witnesses are asked to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.