News Release, Friday, January 4, 2019 – Finance Minister Curtis Dickinson, stated: “It has been a longstanding tradition in Bermuda politics that when it comes to International Business and our dealings with international bodies these issue should not be used as a political football. Sadly, it would appear that the shadow minister of finance seems to be too busy firing off press releases rather than picking up the phone and asking what is going on.

“Before the Economic Substance Act 2018 was passed in December extensive briefings were held with the Opposition on this matter. During the holiday season, while many were on vacation, the Ministry of Finance was busy finalising regulations, and working with our international business partners to provide clarity to them on how the Government would implement the new regulations to ensure Bermuda benefited.

“These changes are important, but there is nothing to be gained for Bermuda by telegraphing our plans to our international competitors via the press. I would urge the Leader of the Opposition to, as best he can, restrain the exuberance of his Shadow Finance Minister, and help him to understand that partisanship should stop at the water’s edge when dealing with these important international matters.

“If the Shadow Minister would like to know the actions the Government is taking in this regard, I am happy to meet with him, just like I met with the Opposition before the debate, and my predecessor the Premier met with the Opposition on no less than 3 occasions in 2018 to ensure that they were kept up to date on this important matter.

“As the Minister of Finance I will lead this Ministry with the seriousness it requires and I would recommend that the Shadow Minster understand that not everything needs to be the subject of a politically charged press release.

“Our future is at stake and we need statesmanship now, not partisanship.”