News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – “An inexcusable error,” said Minister of Finance, Curtis Dickinson today, who confirmed that he learned of the government’s release regarding credit card charges for payments from the media.

The Minister continued: “Contrary to established protocols, the release was issued without my approval and without that of the Minister responsible for Communications. This is compounded by the fact that the release provides incorrect information to the public. In the 2019/20 Budget Statement I referred to the fees incurred by the Government through the payment of taxes with credit cards. Payroll Tax payments are the issue and my intention and the Government’s policy is to recover these fees by way of a recharge fee for this convenience. The extension of this policy to other areas where members of the public pay for permits and other government services was not authorised by me or at all.”

Noting the breach of established internal protocols, the adverse impact on the work of the Ministry of Finance and the confusion created for the public, the Minister further indicated that his expectation is that the Conditions of Employment and Code of Conduct for the Public Service would be applied as necessary in such instances.