We started this journey on Saturday, May 19th, at the Somerset Cricket Club. Then we went to Dunkley’s Dairy proud sponsors of this masterpiece in the making.

And today, finally, we’re doing the final segment with this man, Mr Cup Match, Janeiro Tucker, in Southampton Rangers territory at 10:30 this morning, at the home of Mr and Mrs John Tucker and their son, and hopefully Dexter Basden another great SCC Cup Match cricketer. And it’s a wrap! 

Next stop – Edit Mania-Ville at Crimson Media, home of Channel 82 and it’s all coming soon!

Stay tuned for the two-part television and news website special on The Real History of Cup Match Time in Bermuda, still the only place on the planet to celebrate a two-day holiday for a sports event, and the role of the great Somerset Cricket Club – HOME of the Cup Match Cup takes the airwaves by storm next month on Fresh TV and to commemorate the return of Channel 82.

Bet Your Boots ccBIGG Productions is going BIG on this one! 

Got a lot of work to do but YOU KNOW I’m going BRING IT! So Stay Tuned! BIG GRIN!!!!