Are you one of those motorists fed up with the state of Bermuda’s roads and wondering what the Government plans to do about it in the year ahead?

According to the Minister responsible for Public Works, who presented “yet another report on the state of the island’s roads and the various ongoing trenching projects”, this is what you can expect this year.

In a Ministerial Statement delivered in the House on Friday (Mar 24), Lt Col David Burch told MPs that “there has been an increase in funding for road works and as such technical officers are working diligently to solidify the 2023-2024 paving schedule”.

But he said: “Although cost increases, supply chain issues and unforeseen project issues continuously hinder accurate planning.”

He also noted that “the recent RFP issued for the provision of asphalting aggregate”, meant that “unfortunately we are having to import from overseas”.

“We are looking at options for importing to keep costs down,” he added.

On the “road paving works that will occur this year” he said some of the work will be contracted to East End Asphalt Company to “accelerate the repairs”.

East End Asphalt Company

On that note, he said: ” A number of areas have been identified such as Middle Road Warwick between the former TN Tatem Middle School and the Marketplace in Southampton, in front of Lindo’s Warwick, South Shore Road near Henry’s Pantry, Crawl Hill near the Esso Service Station and Collectors Hill to name some of the locations that will be addressed.

“Other areas can be added to the list when reported,” he added.

“Temporary road paving will occur in these areas to improve the driving experience until permanent paving can be carried out.

“The permanent paving of Harrington Sound Road will also continue.

In his Ministerial Statement delivered in the House on Friday (Mar 24), Col Burch also stated up from that he was “well aware of the state of our roads as a daily user of them”.

He also told MPs that he is “a regular receiver of public complaints”.

“I too am quite weary of the work that is being carried out and the time it is taking,” he said.

“I constantly remind myself though, while sitting at a stop light that I like having reliable electricity – so I’ll endure til the end.”

Moving forward, the Minister said: “The immediate pain for the motoring public is well worth it as when completed these initiatives will see the protection of our fresh water supplies, protection of our electrical infrastructure and ensuring sewage is properly disposed of for the next several years.

“This work safeguards the future not just for us here today, but for our descendants also.

“Additionally, since we required every utility to utilise the trenching at the same time – the need to dig up the roads in the future should be minimised.”

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