The following Op-Ed was released on Tuesday, June 18, by Omar Dill, on behalf of the Free Democratic Movement…

Bermuda Finds itself at a crossroads. To ensure prosperity and credibility, we must prioritize transparent and accountable governance. Clean hands and pure hearts are essential in addressing the pressing need for ethical governance and public trust.

The frequent occurrence of backroom deals and opaque governance has eroded public trust. High-profile cases such as the casino gaming controversy, which involved members of Parliament from two different parties and spanned multiple administrations, underscore the urgent need for transparency. The use of consultants at the cost of millions annually further highlights ineciencies and mismanagement of public resources. These practices do not align with a government that prioritizes its people’s interests.

Implementing stricter ethical guidelines for government officials is crucial. Mandatory disclosures of potential conflicts of interest and robust systems for reporting unethical behavior are necessary to maintain integrity. By ensuring that all actions are conducted in the open, we enhance transparency and allow the public to hold the government accountable. While internal governance measures for members of a political party are important, they are not sufficient. We must also revise and implement laws to close loopholes that allow undue inuence and corruption.

We must cultivate an environment that creates strong communities and families by implementing policies that bolster economic vitality. Encouraging entrepreneurship and reducing government interference in the daily lives of Bermudians are essential steps toward this goal. These actions not only strengthen the bonds within our community but also align with our commitment to transparent and ethical governance.

Utilizing the procurement oce to accept the most qualied proposals, regardless of political and personal affiliations, ensures that public projects are handled by the most capable and qualified individuals or organizations, promoting fairness and the best use of resources.

By adopting these measures, we can begin to restore the faith of Bermudians in their government. The FDM is committed to leading this charge, ensuring that every action we take is guided by principles of integrity and transparency. Our commitment to clean hands and pure hearts is more than a motto; it guides our thoughts and actions. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to build a Bermuda where good governance is a lived reality.

With sincere dedication, Omar Dill, Regional Organizer.

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