News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Ministry of Education hosted the very first ‘Fathers Speak’ event, on Thursday, March 7, aimed at encouraging an open dialogue between fathers, the Ministry and community stakeholders about the importance of a father’s role and participation in their child’s academic experience.

This event was born after the Minister of Education recognized an underrepresentation of male figures in leadership roles within the Bermuda education system.

Minister Rabain said, “This cause is very near to my heart. It is important for our fathers and men to be represented in leadership positions within our school system. Our children need to know that they are supported by both their fathers and mothers who are jointly invested in their education.”

More than forty (40) men from the community attended this event and had the opportunity to listen to a panel of speakers comprised of Scott Pearman <Chief Operating Officer, Bermuda Hospitals Board>, Todd Fox <Principal, Francis Patton Primary School> and the Minister of Education, The Hon. Diallo Rabain. Fathers also had the opportunity to discuss topics around how to support their children socially and academically while encouraging other fathers to do the same. Alfred ‘Coach’ Powell (Motivational Speaker and Master Trainer) who was leading a Mirrors event at the same facility also gave a brief presentation.

Discussion topics for the evening ranged from the Bermuda education system, how fathers can get involved to personal accounts from fathers about their experience with actively being involved in their children’s lives.

Panelist Todd Fox commented during the event, “The most powerful gift we can give our children is our presence.”

The Ministry of Education looks forward to hosting the next ‘Fathers Speak’ event in the coming months and encourages all fathers to attend.

Photos Courtesy of DCI – Panel Photo: (left to right) Todd Fox, Minister Diallo Rabain, Scott Pearman, (man in white shirt) Alfred Powell leads a demonstration with volunteers from the audience