News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – To celebrate Father’s Day this year Primary 5 and Primary 6 students in the Bermuda Public School System shared essays on why their father should be ‘Father of the Year’.

The fourth annual essay competition was held in partnership between the Ministry of Education in partnership and the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc,  which honoured eight fathers.

Education Minister Diallo Rabain thanked the students who submitted essays this year.

This competition was created to inspire children to recognise the significant role fathers have in their lives,” he said.

“It is heartwarming that for the fourth year we are continuing to receive many submissions, and the quality of the essays truly highlight the important role of fathers.

“We asked students to share their thoughts of love and appreciation in a handwritten essay describing why they felt their father was deserving of the recognition. One of the winners, Jaaziah Astwood, P5 Central Zone Winner at West Pembroke Primary, captured the essence of this competition perfectly when he quoted, “A father said to his son, “Be careful where you walk.” The son responded, “You be careful; I walk in your footsteps,” he added.

The Minister congratulated both the winners and their fathers, saying: “I am sure this Father’s Day will be that much more special because of this contest.”

He also thanked the local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc and the Epsilon Theta Lambda Chapter, for helping to provide prizes for this competition.

“We also want to thank Red Laser for donating a Samsung Tablet and offering a discount on all Tablets. Both organizations are a true example of community support, and we appreciate your graciousness,” said Mr Rabain.

The prize for the overall winners is a Samsung Tablet and a Google Chromebook for zonal winners.

Essay Competition winners:

Overall Winner Primary 5 – Amariah Kirkos – Harrington Sound Primary

Overall Winner Primary 6 – Tarryn Matthie – St. George’s Preparatory

Eastern Zone P5 Winner – Nala Outerbridge – East End Primary

Eastern Zone P6 Winner – Erynn Paynter – Harrington Sound Primary

Central Zone P5 Winner – Jaaziah Astwood – West Pembroke Primary

Central Zone P6 Winner – Ann Bolyn (Summer) Maye – West Pembroke Primary

Western Zone P5 Winner – Dunstan DeSa – Purvis Primary

Western Zone P6 Winner – Shale Nisbett – Dalton E Tucker Primary

Primary 5 Overall Winner Amariah Kirkos said, “My baba (Father) is very encouraging. I have a tendency to quit and when I want to stop doing something, he encourages me to keep going.”

Primary 6 Overall Winner Tarryn Matthie said, “I think my dad, Harry Matthie, should be recognized for being a great father because he respects, loves, cares for, and supports me every day. My dad supports me with every fiber in his body.”

Primary 5 Eastern Zone Winner Nala Outerbridge said, “Another reason my dad is the best dad ever is because he believes in me. When I told him that I wanted to become a doctor, he told me that he believes in me and that I will be a good doctor.”

Primary 6 Western Zone Winner Shale Nisbett said, “He calls me every day to see how I am doing. Even if he is working, busy, on vacation, or just waking up from a nap, he always has time for me.”

Primary 5 Central Zone Winner Jaaziah Astwood said, “During a very hard time for my family, I admire how my father was able to manage work, keep the house clean, and still meet all of our family’s needs. I love my father with all of my heart and could never see myself without him. I always thought my father was a hero, but now I see him as a superhero.”

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