File Photos Courtesy of TNN

One day after a brutal stabbing incident that claimed the life of a 22-year-old man, police confirmed that a person was arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing at Warwick Gas Station on Sunday.

Speaking at a news conference at police headquarters on Monday, Detective Sergeant Jason Smith: “There are active inquiries that are continuing as we speak to locate and to arrest other men who are also responsible and involved in that particular inquiry.

“At the time of that incident, we are aware that there were lots of persons who were in the vicinity of the gas station who were either getting fuel or were inside, and also we are aware that there were a number of people in vehicles who were driving past the gas station at the time of the incident,” he said.

“We are also aware that the suspects involved in that incident left the scene in a motor car and that motor car is of particular interest to us as investigators.”

The National Heroes Day holiday weekend was marred by violence and antisocial behaviour including the shooting of a 24-year- man in St George’s on Saturday night and another large fight at John Smith’s Bay.

Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley, who also attended the news conference, said in a social media post: “I recognise we are all extremely shocked, saddened and in many cases angry to the events of this weekend.

“Another young life lost to a senseless act of violence alongside the events of Saturday.

“There is no excuse to what has happened; whether it be drink, holiday weekend, the post reaction to shelter in place, inter gang rivalry or anything else.

“The BPS Serious Crime Unit, alongside uniformed officers, have worked tirelessly through the night to control issues,” said Mr Corbishley.

“Suspects are being identified, arrests are being made, those responsible will be brought to justice.

“Additionally increased resources will be in place to reassure the public.

“I thank those who have reached out to me from the community to offer support. The BPS has their job to do but we as a community need to stick together not least as we still have a journey to defeat COVID.”