Relatives of gun murder victim Taylor Grier have launched a ‘GoGetFunding’ appeal on social media to get to Bermuda from New York in time to say their last goodbyes for their loved one.

Mr Grier, 30, tragically lost his life when a gunman, travelling on a motorcycle with a pillion passenger on board, opened fire into a crowd standing  on

The victim’s first cousin, Crystal Taylor, made contact with Bermuda Real earlier today, on behalf of her uncle, John Grier, who is the father of Taylor Grier. 

Ms Turner wrote: “Taylor was my first cousin. We reside in New York, US and are heartbroken over his recent death.

“We appreciate all that Bermuda is doing to resolve the case and bring forth peace and justice. We are doing all that we can in such an unexpected time-sensitive crisis to attend Taylor’s funeral services. 

“I have created a fundraising campaign to assist us in making this possible.  Please find the link below. If you could please help in any way and share with others that may be able to support, it will mean a great deal to the family.

“Thank you for your time.  Looking forward to hearing from you.” loving-memory-of-taylor-grier- ny-to-bermuda-funeral- services/