Organisers of the Family and Cultural Vendors Market are hoping to create a solid base for local entrepreneurs to trade their wares on a regular basis leading up to the Christmas holiday season.

A fourth event will be held at the Leopards Club in the City of Hamilton tomorrow (Aug 20) with another one planned for August 27, in a bid to make it a regular event, with plans to expand in the New Year.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, well known local designer Amethyst Richardson said: “Our team is always looking for new vendors as we continue to grow, which will allows the public to come and be a part of and be able to sell and shop.

“The vendors have featured items from household goods and supplies, small appliances to clothing for men, women and children including school supplies.

“We also have homemade sherbet, designer fashions and beautiful fashion eyewear, in addition to locally written books.”

He also noted that there is a restaurant at the club – Quality Kitchen, for everyone’s convenience.

All in all they can fit up to 21 vendors at the site and at last check, tomorrow’s event was nearly full.

“We are creating a family atmosphere for people to come out and comfortably shop at their leisure,” said Mr Richardson.

“The events were well attended in the past and we’ve changed time to start later at 11am to 7pm,” he added.

Moving forward, the event will be held once a month on Saturdays.

Starting August 27, there will also be raffle tickets available for anyone who spends $35 to enter the draw, to win grocery vouchers in the value of $50 and $100 as well as other prizes. 

Asked what advice and incentives he would give to encourage other vendors to come out and sell their merchandise, he said: “The Family and Friends market is here to serve you.

“It’s a central location with a relatively low cost to sell their goods and the atmosphere exudes a warm and friendly shopping experience for not just the customer but for the vendors as well.

“Whether you just want a family day out or are looking to find that unique item for you or your family at affordable prices, this is the market to attend,” he said.

“We have many authentic goods made by Bermudians and other Arts & Crafts, where people can get some amazing bargains.

“We are always going to be looking for new vendors to join us as the Family and Cultural Market continues to grow.”

As a local designer he said selling his tops at this market is his “biggest sell for the summer”.

On that note, he also encouraged local vendors to promote themselves and their products more via social media or by telling their family, friends and colleagues “to get the word out as well as letting them know where they can come and purchase their products”.

They will be out in full force at the Leopards Club again tomorrow and the following Saturday as well.

For vendors interested, the fee is $25 and for more information call 295-3378 or send an email to for applications.