News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – To commemorate the life of Eugene Carmichael who passed away in 2018, his family and Bermuda End-to-End supporters gathered on the Bermuda Railway Trail at a bench installed in his memory.
This location, across from Five Star Island, was special to Eugene who was very involved in the organization of the event in the early days of fundraising, as well as the fitness challenge.
Bermuda End-to-End board chair, Anne Mello and event planner, Starla Williams ex-officio board member/chair, joined Clive Cotton, Jon Borrill and Paul Rowlerson, the founders of the End-to-End event to fund the bench.  The Bermuda Parks Department collaborated with the End-to-End organizers to locate the spot and put the bench into place.
Mr Rowlerson said: “Eugene joined the End-To-End team from the earliest days and brought a kindness and compassion to everything he did. His heart was bigger than all Bermuda and he was a constant reminder of why helping others, and truly caring about everyone around you was so affirming and rewarding. It was a privilege to know him.”
Mrs Mello added: “On the upcoming event day, on Saturday, May 4th, the Carmichael family will host a water stop at the commemorative bench to keep Eugene’s memory alive. The ETE board is proud that they care so much for keeping Eugene connected to the event.”
Eugene’s daughter, Carol Ann Henrickson, said: “We’ll be out in full force, laughing and remembering Eugene and his tireless campaigning for funds, caring for the charities and supporting the participants that meant so much to him.”
This year’s End-to-End takes place on May 4 and to register or donate go to
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