Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy expressed his distress following disparaging remarks by protesters opposed to Pathways to Status.

He took to social media on Friday night after One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) MPs were called “sell outs” and spat at.

On his Facebook Page Senator Fahy wrote: “Despite the catcalling and inflammatory speeches today from the People’s Campaign leaders, despite the spitting and threats, despite shouts of ‘House nig*a’ and ‘sell outs’ to my black colleagues, despite middle fingers and gun signs, despite the vitriol and Nazi drawings, the OBA will stand strong in the face of adversity. That is what you elected us to do.

“My fellow Bermudians, we are known around the world as welcoming and loving people. We pride ourselves in ‘feeling the love’. We work and play together, we love and marry each other despite our past and despite our differences whatever they may be. Our past is not our future. Today was not Bermuda. Today was not ‘us’. Today was fear-mongering of the worst kind. It was un-Bermudian.”

He also appealed to his “fellow Bermudians” to stand for what is right and for what is just”. “Today was not in my view reflective of who we are as Bermudians. I simply won’t accept it. I believe in my heart of hearts that Pathways is in the best interest of all of us,” said Senator Fahy.

“I ask you, not as the Minister of Home Affairs, not as a member of the Senate – I ask you as a Bermudian father of three Bermudian children – are you your brother’s keeper? I know you are which is why I am proud to be Bermudian and why I know that the silent majority will stand for what is the right thing to do. I again ask you Bermuda…please support Pathways.”

By Ceola Wilson