What looked set to be a heated meeting on Government’s plans to introduce car rentals to Bermuda may have been partially last night, when Transport Minister Michael Fahy announced the proposed legislation was being put on hold.

Members of the Bermuda Taxi Owners and Operators Association and other transportation stakeholders met at the Warwick Workman’s Club.

They where met by the Minister who advised that “the Government had made a decision not to debate the Motor Car Amendment (No. 2) Act 2016 on Friday and would carry it forward to the next parliamentary session in order to consult with transportation partners further”.

A Minstry spokesman said: “The President of the Association had agreed to assist the Minister in striking a committee to examine the matter of the introduction of quadri-cycles for rent in Bermuda and discuss a number of other outstanding matters related to the transportation industry generally.”

The spokesman noted that “the Minister is keen to resolve a number of outstanding issues in the industry and hopes that constructive dialogue will be possible to benefit the Tourism industry, the public and all industry partners”.

But there were calls for the Bill to be scrapped completely. And there were calls for taxi drivers to make their feelings know at the House of Assembly today.

Meantime, another call went out last night for residents fed up with the One Bermuda Alliance Government’s “sneaky politics” to show up on Parliament Hill today.

Notices were sent out via social media last night on the rallying call made by the newly formed group MOVE that said:

“Attention Bermuda: We need all caring citizens that are tired of the sneaky politics of the OBA to meet us on the Hill Tomorrow, OCCUPY PARLIAMENT! Friday 15 July 2016 starting 8 am.

“We need to put a stop to this proposed rental car bill along with the taxi drivers and to protest the redevelopment of LF Wade International Airport.

“They need to hear our voices and see our numbers. Let’s do what we did for immigration. Let’s continue to do it when they don’t consult with us the people.
Bring all persons affected by one of the many bills that are hurting our people and our island.

“See you tomorrow!”

By Ceola Wilson