Flights both to and from Bermuda were grounded temporarily on Saturday due to “a software outage” at the FAA’s New York Centre, that affected “Air Traffic Control Services for flights operating over parts of the North Atlantic Ocean”.
A spokesperson for Skyport said the malfunction occurred around 11:30am.
“As flights were unable to take-off or land during the outage, some flights already airborne, were diverted to the LF Wade International Airport including five departing the East Coast that were en-route to Barbados and St Martin respectively,” she said.
“By approximately 1:30pm, the software issue had been resolved and the ground stop lifted.
“The five flights that had been diverted to the island, were refueled and cleared for departure shortly thereafter, while the regularly scheduled Delta flight 1773 to New York JFK, normally due to depart at 1pm, left the Island at 2:05pm.
“Regularly scheduled flights to Bermuda from Atlanta, Philadelphia, Toronto and Boston that had been temporarily grounded have been cleared to depart”, were later cleared for arrival, she added.
Passengers affected by the delays were advised “to contact their respective airlines for updates on departure and arrival times”.