The seasonally protected areas for red hinds was re-opened for the season as of August 15, but the “the extended closure areas around important Black Group aggregations will remain closed to fishing until December 1, 2019”.

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued a public advisory this week on regulations for Red Hind aggregation areas (see maps below which also include the GPS co-ordinates for the four corners of each area).

A spokesperson said: “The catch limit of ten Red Hinds per 24-hour period from 1 May to 31 August remains in place for commercial fishermen, and recreational fishers have a year-round catch limit of ten Red Hinds per 24-hour period.

“The fishing public is also reminded that there is a year-round catch limit of one Black Grouper per boat, or per person fishing from shore, within a 24-hour period for all fishers.

“The Ministry urges the public to familiarize themselves with the seasonally protected areas and extended closure areas, and to abide by the Fisheries Regulations in order to help conserve our Red Hind and Black Grouper populations.”

For more information contact the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Marine Resources Section at 293-5600 or