News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Minister of Social Development and Seniors, Tinée Furbert today (Feb 24) issued an invitation to the public to apply for service on the Co-Parenting Mediation Council.

Minister Furbert said: “Strengthening our families and providing care and protection for our children is a Government priority and we are looking for members of the public who are prepared to devote their time and talent to serve in this critical area. The Co-Parenting Mediation Council will ensure that mediators adhere to best practice and will develop and maintain those standards necessary to promote effective mediation.”

For individuals interested in serving on the Co-Parenting Mediation Council, log on to the government website and select boards and committees (

The potential applicant must indicate the Co-Parenting Mediation Council. The Children Act 1998 (Section 36GA) sets out the full duties of the Council and can be found at deadline for applicants is Friday, March 4, 2022

For more information email:

The Ministry of Social Development and Seniors would also like to inform the public that the application process to be a Litigation Guardian has now closed. Any future applications will be considered for next year. The Ministry extends its thanks to all those who applied.