Jamaica Observer: KINGSTON – The unofficial burial site the police in 2020 said was linked to the infamous Klansman gang, after lawmen found the remains of at least two people there when investigators revisited a cold case, was allegedly discovered as a result of intelligence from a former gang member turned crown witness now testifying in the trial of 33 individuals accused of being part of the Spanish Town-based criminal enterprise.

Witness number one, the second of the 42 witnesses to be called by the crown in the case involving 32 men and one female including alleged leader Andre “Blackman” Bryan, made the claim Friday during cross examination by attorney Shadae Bailey on behalf of the accused Pete Miller, otherwise called ‘Smokie’.

Bryan had challenged the witness’ account of an incident in Rivoli, St Catherine where he claimed that he had seen her client in the company of other men beating two men from the Denham town community in Kingston who they subsequently killed and buried. According to the attorney, the witness had lied since a 2018 visit by the police, in the company of the witness who carried the cops to that area to search for the bodies, turned up nothing.

“The first time we went we didn’t find anything but they find it the second time,” the witness, who has been testifying from a remote location since early this month, shot back confidently. 

In a Jamaica Observer report of that incident in 2020, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime Fitz Bailey told the newspaper that intelligence had led lawmen to an area dense with vegetation known as Waterloo Close, bordering Rivoli in the old capital, two years after investigators first visited the location but had come up empty-handed.

Alicia Dunkley-Willis