In celebration of their annual anniversary week, the Ex-Artillerymen’s Association recently presented $840 in donations to the Coalition for the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

A spokesperson said: “From October 18 to October 24, the Ex-Artillerymen’s Association celebrated its annual anniversary week.

“This celebration kicked off with the staff, club members, family, and friends attending a church service on October 18, held on our very own rooftop.

“During this service we asked the congregation to donate towards the Coalition for the Protection of Children to go toward their ‘Breakfast for Every Child’ program.

“On November 18, we presented Denae Burchall from the Coalition for the Protection of Children with a cheque in the amount of $840. Ms. Burchall received the cheque with much thanks.”

  • Top Feature Photo: Denae Burchall; Gerald Swan, Secretary; Neilson DeGraff, President; Erskine Brangman, Vice President; Kizzy Spence, Treasurer