First and foremost – give thanks and praise to this man, who does not hold the record for the longest awaited interview.

Minch Rawlins, Retired Firefighter & EMT

We’ve talked off the record for many, many years over the years and now, finally – THIS!

Let’s just say, up front, words will never express the impact of images forever stamped on his memory plate. A memory plate shared by so many others just like him.

Hardly a day goes by – if any, that you don’t hear a report, led by the words: “Police and first responders…”

One of those first responders is a man or a woman – like Minch Rawlins.

Truth be told – it is way beyond this journalist’s reach to even think how they do what they do!

How they leave what they do on the job when their shifts are through is beyond belief for people like me.

Frankly speaking, this line of work takes a special breed – and to you we say THANK YOU!

With that said, take time out to watch and listen at your convenience – take out of it whatever you choose and leave it there.

We spoke with Minch Rawlins the day after this interview.

Just so you know, he said “thank you” to the Bermuda News Syndicate for: “Allowing me to say what was on my mind for years. And thank you for your listening ear.

“If if saves one life – children, the message is effective. It’s up to individual people to hear and grasp the right message.”