With Cup Match just over five weeks away, “prospective applicants” looking to hold functions for more than 100 guests were asked to hold off and not to submit applications until next Monday, June 28.

In a statement released today, a spokeswoman also confirmed that the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport  has “taken over responsibility for granting exemptions from the Ministry of National Security.

“Prospective applicants should note that the online application form is currently being updated to expedite processing.

“The new form will be in effect by June 28. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to defer submitting applications until that date as the process will be clearer and faster,” she added.

Under the guidelines, a maximum of 100 people are allowed to gather.

Requests for group gatherings larger than 100 people must be applied via the online form and submitted at least ten business days in advance of the date of the event.

Applications can be made online via the following link: https://forms.gov.bm/Exemption-for-Large-Gatherings