A mass search was conducted this afternoon, when a 29-year-old man, currently serving time at Bermuda’s maximum security prison escaped, although officials would only say that he was “unaccounted for” before he was apprehended.

Emergency vehicles were seen rushing westward shortly after the incident and eyewitnesses in Somerset say prison officers were seen searching various areas at the west end.

Some officers were engaged in the search on foot and were seen walking through several areas.

Although the announcement did not identify the inmate who triggered a joint search by police and Department of Corrections personnel, Bermuda Real understands he is currently serving a sentence for a shooting incident several years ago.

Police say the man was found in Southampton. Our sources say he was apprehended after he was seen riding a motorcycle.

In a statement released this evening (Monday), National Security Minister Wayne Caines confirmed that both he and the Commissioner of Police, Stephen Corbishley were informed that the inmate was “successfully apprehended”.

“I wish to thank the BPS and the Department of Corrections Officers for their swift action,” he said.

“I can confirm that the Ministry of National Security is conducting an immediate internal investigation of the matter and I have asked the Acting Commissioner for a full and thorough assessment and review of the incident.”

Meanwhile, inquiries regarding the circumstances of this incident continue.