News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) sponsors a Pop-Up shop in Washington Mall for four members of the Enterprise Bermuda Incubator Program. Felica DeRoza, Kisha Tyrrell, Astoria Smith and Sherlrina Thomas are all currently participants in the 5thcohort of the incubator program and are working within the BEDC program to take their businesses to the next level. Enterprise Bermuda encourages collaboration, and that is exactly what these four entrepreneurs have done. Harnessing their relationships from within the cohort and the support of the BEDC – The Collective Holiday Pop-Up Shop was born.

The Collective Holiday Pop-Up shop can be found inside of the Washington Mall, nestled between the English Market and Dreams sleep shop. The Collective houses four different businesses, all founded by Bermudian female entrepreneurs. You will find, Dayrosia by Felica De Roza – an Artisan Soap brand that incorporates local ingredients. Showers feel refreshing, and skin is moisturized; Enzuri Beauty by Kisha Tyrrell – a beauty brand that encourages women to love taking care of their skin and to also think differently about how they care for their skin; Nia Concierge by Sherlrina Thomas – a creative upcycling of clothing items and a Bookkeeping Management Service Provider that helps stressed entrepreneurs in the midst of financial crisis create effective and healthy financial operations; and Lacquered Lounge by Astoria Smith – a beauty lounge and spa that is committed to providing high-quality service, using natural and organic products whenever possible, offering non-toxic, vegan and natural products creating a guilt-free beauty experience that is unique to the island of Bermuda.

“The Collective is a chance to showcase our business products and services to a wider audience,” says Felica.” She continues, “Customers can come in to shop, ask us questions, and in turn, we can share our business journey with them. Share how the BEDC was able to assist us and encourage those who may be interested in business ownership to know that there are programs available. Each business is unique but as The Collective we are uplifting each brand and introducing it to many new customers at one time.”

Kisha Tyrrell states: “The Enterprise Bermuda incubator has provided us with an opportunity to bring our businesses together with this pop-up experience. We had to focus not only on our individual businesses but how can we make it a cohesive space that we can all benefit from. We all have a different approach and we took from each other to figure out how to move forward. We worked out scheduling, collaboration and even agreed on what we considered ‘doing our best’ as a collective looked like. I see this as the biggest benefit of us working together.”

She continues: “The Pop Up has helped me with Brand Awareness. As a new brand, I have benefited from the foot traffic and people popping in to see the space and what we have to offer. While people may already know one of the other brands in The Collective they are able to come in and see the three other brands as well. The visibility has helped tremendously!

Astoria is excited for the potential of reaching new customers throughout the Holiday Season as her business, Lacquered Lounge, is in St George’s. She states, “being in St George’s can sometimes mean people outside that area may not know about Lacquered Lounge – no matter how much social media marketing I do. The pop-up shop is a great way to increase visibility and brand awareness for Lacquered Lounge. There is some amazing Synergy that comes from working with other entrepreneurs. We are all able to guide, lift up and assist each other. The holidays are a busy time with events and markets- working together created an awesome support system with which we can all be successful!”

Sherlrina Thomas states: “The Collective is just that, a collection of some of the finest entrepreneurs Bermuda has to offer who have collaborated to provide a one-stop experience for all members of our community to enjoy. It has provided enhanced exposure to each of our Brands while challenging me, Nia Concierge, to showcase another passion of mine that is appreciated by so many. The creative upcycling of clothing and other fabric items shows that we can be more eco-friendly, not just to our bodies but to our community at large. Although I am known for supporting Business Owners via Financial Management, I have been given a further opportunity to showcase another side of me as an Entrepreneur to our Community.”

She continues: “I can truly appreciate the insight and overall knowledge gained from sharing this unique space. BEDC has made this progressive experience possible through their current Incubation Program that initially allowed us each to connect and further support us via the pop-up Shop. The location brings exposure to brands that have a special essence to share with all who visit and is a welcoming space to learn, shop, and leave knowing a little more about what The Collective has to offer.”

The BEDC has had the opportunity to watch these four businesses grow as they work through the Enterprise Bermuda program. “BEDC is happy to support these four entrepreneurs and continue to watch their businesses flourish over the Holiday season and in the upcoming months as they continue through the incubator program,” says Jamillah Lodge, Director of Communication and Development at BEDC.

“It is important that we are able to provide our entrepreneurs with every opportunity we can to help them succeed and The Collective Pop-up Shop is a great example of entrepreneurs leveraging their connections, reaching out for support, working together to collaborate and offer great products, and also a new shopping experience for the Bermuda public.”

We hope that everyone gets a chance to visit and shop at The Collective Pop-Up Holiday Shop this winter in the Washington Mall. The pop-up will be open Monday to Saturday 11am – 6pm with the lead-up to the holidays. Be sure to learn more about the businesses and their products by browsing their websites or checking them out on Instagram: Lacquered Lounge –, Enzuri Beauty –, Dayrosia – @day.rosia, and Nia Concierge – If you would like to learn more about Enterprise Bermuda please visit, contact or 292-5570.