News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – After being on the board of one of Bermuda’s best known charities for 25 years – and Chair since 2001 – Anne Mello is finally hanging up her walking boots.

Now the search is on to find her successor to take over as the Bermuda End-to-End, which has raised almost $6m for charities, prepares for its 33rd event next May.

Mrs Mello first joined the board of the Bermuda End-to-End in 1993 and became Chair in 2001 and has been at the forefront of the charity’s success.

“One person does not make an event and I must pay tribute to all those who have served on the End-to-End Board with me,” said Mrs Mello. “Without them we would not have been nearly as successful as we have been.


“Of course I will miss being involved as the End-to-End has been part of my life, but I know there are some great people who will keep this wonderful event going to raise even more money for charities in Bermuda.”

The event was started by three friends – Paul Rowlerson, Jon Borrill and Clive Cotton – who challenged each other to try and walk the length of the Island and they paid tribute to Mrs Mello’ efforts.

Mr Rowlerson said: “The lasting impression you get from meeting Anne is boundless enthusiasm. I have never known anyone else who can bring a smile to my face and make me fully understand – life is good.

“I first met Anne in the late 1980’s when we started working together in the early days of the End-To-End. She brought a sense of fun to what we did.

“I was a businessman who tackled the project as if it was a business, focused on making money for the charities, maximizing participation and growing the organization.

“Anne added something essential and quite unique, she brought heart and true compassion to our work. Not only did she make it fun for the walkers, she made if fun for the organizing team.

“The End-To-End could never has grown to what it is today without her. I know she will be missed but I can be sure she has left the End-To-End strong and resilient – just like her.”

And Mr Borrill added: “I hope Anne will feel the same way down the road that we all feel. This was a worthwhile effort that has touched countless lives for the better. This effort and achievement will stay with her, as it has with us, for the rest of our lives.”

Mr Cotton said: “It takes a very special person to recruit, organize, and motivate those people while, perhaps most importantly, keeping the sense of fun that makes the End-to-End the great event that it is.

“To do this over so many years is a remarkable achievement and clearly Anne has been that special person at the heart of the event.”

Board member Mandy Shailer said that while the End-to-End did not start with Anne Mello, “I don’t think anyone will disagree with me when I say that the End-to-End of today, is certainly Anne’s creation.

“There are few charity events that truly stand the test of time the way the End-to-End has, and that does not happen without proficient leadership, dedication, enthusiasm and heart.”