The Ministry of Education announced today that all public schools will close at 12pm on Wednesday, September 18 and will be closed all-day Thursday, as Hurricane Humberto approaches the local area.

This after the Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) met this afternoon, as local officials keep a close watch on the storm.

A Ministry spokeswoman said: “Parents and guardians should expect communication from their respective Principals this afternoon.

“As an additional layer of communication, to ensure that all parents and guardians are informed, separate communication from the Department of Education will be sent as well.

“All School and Programme Leaders have been advised as to the procedures they are to follow.

“EMO instructions regarding the reopening of schools will be communicated as appropriate,” she added.

In an update released earlier today, the Ministry said: “As per the standard hurricane protocol, The Bermuda Emergency Measures Organization provides direction on how schools are to respond when a hurricane is approaching the island.”

More information will be forthcoming once the storm passes.