Earlier today, the Emergency Measures Organisation met to get the latest update on Hurricane Epsilon.


Speaking at a news conference this afternoon National Security Minister Renée Ming issued the following statement:

Hurricane Epsilon continues to be a potential threat to Bermuda, but based on the latest forecast, this weather system is expected to be similar to what Bermuda experiences during a winter gale.

We do not expect a disruption of public services, and I am pleased to note that all of our partner agencies are ready and prepared should the need arise. From a public safety stand point, however I will note that there will be some sea swells, particularly on the south shore, associated with this storm, and I want to urge people to stay out of the water until Epsilon passes. Bermuda there’s just six weeks left in the 2020 hurricane season, and as we have seen, this has been a particularly busy season.

September and October are considered peak storm months for us. And against the backdrop of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, I can understand that our community is perhaps feeling a sense of hurricane season and coronavirus fatigue. We have definitely been tested as a Country this year. But we mustn’t become complacent.

One of the reasons Bermuda has been able to fare so well during serious storms is because of our high level of preparation.

We must continue to exercise preparedness. Hurricane Epsilon is a reminder that residents should check their emergency and storm supplies and replenish their provisions, if needed. This includes non-perishable goods, batteries, water and the relevant health and safety PPE equipment. From a safety standpoint, if needed, residents should also make any minor home repairs and secure any outdoor furniture. These are the basic steps that have worked well in helping us successfully weather previous storms.

Finally, before I close, on behalf of the Ministry of National Security, I wish to take this opportunity to publicly extend my sincerest condolences to the families of Daymon Simmons and Omar Wilson – who both tragically lost their lives during two separate road traffic collisions recently.

I offer my heartfelt sympathies to Mr Simmons’ and Mr Wilson’s loved ones. These are tragic circumstances and we certainly are keeping the families of these young men in our thoughts as they mourn their loved ones. One life lost on our roads in my view is one life too many. And I am asking all of Bermuda’s commuters and motorists to please exercise caution and safety as you navigate our roads.

  • Top Feature Photo: cbs17.com