With three storms currently circulating in the Atlantic, the Ministry of National Security issued an Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO) update, urging residents to “continue to exercise vigilance and preparedness”, in what will go down in history as the season that saw the strongest hurricanes on record ever.

The EMO continues to monitor the latest developments in this active season, including Hurricane Jose, currently listed as a Category 1 hurricane moving away from Bermuda.

Forecasters at the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS), the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and others in the field have described Jose as “an unusual storm” projected to turn and move away from the Island. But unsettled weather will remain in the local area overnight and into tomorrow.

Forecasters anticipate heavy rain overnight with possible flooding in low lying areas prone to swell.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Maria is bearing down on the Caribbean on a course that targets several islands already hard hit by Hurricane Irma.

The new Category 4 Hurricane is forecast to pass between Bermuda and the US next week, while Tropical Depression Lee poses no threat to Bermuda at this point in time.

National Security Minister Wayne Caines, who also heads up the EMO, warned residents and visitors of dangerous rip currents in waters surrounding local area.

“Both Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Maria are producing significant wave action, which is resulting in swells and dangerous rip currents,” said the Minister.

“We can expect this will last for the next few days. I want to stress that care and caution should be taken by individuals who are visiting our beaches. As a measure of public assurance, the EMO ┬áhas been kept regularly abreast by the BWS and the NHC and we will continue to closely watch these storms for any changes that may pose a threat to Bermuda.”

Strong winds are expected overnight with the risk of thunderstorms, as Jose heads away from the Island.

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  • Graphics Courtesy of NHC