National Security Minister Wayne Caines today urged residents to remain in a high state of readiness as Jerry approaches Bermuda as a Category 2 hurricane.

Speaking after the latest meeting of the Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO), he said further meetings will be held on Saturday and Sunday morning “as the storm gets closer to have a better understanding of what’s happening”.

“We are asking the public to remain vigilant. Any notion that they should not be hyper-vigilant would be misguided,” said Mr Caines.

He also urged residents to top up provisions and ensure that their homes and businesses remain boarded up.

“The only reason that we saw no loss of life is because we were prepared.”

Advance notices were put out at critical periods “in good enough time” for people to “make lifesaving decisions”, he added.

An update on the island’s public service will be provided later this afternoon.

Meanwhile, outpatient services resumed at the hospital today, but the Minister said the Emergency Department has seen a number of residents show up with injuries sustained while making repairs.

“Someone had severed part of a finger and a couple of people fell off ladders – some with back injuries,” he said.

He urged residents to be safe and take extra precaution for their own safety.

A number of residents live on boats as their homes, and “a few people needed to be rescued”, he added.

“We’re asking you to stay off boats and on land during the critical times of the storm,” said Minister Caines.

The Royal Bermuda Regiment will remain embodied and the emergency shelter at CedarBridge Academy (CBA) will be reopened prior to Hurricane Jerry.

The Minister noted that CBA is “the only structurally storm approved shelter on-island, that is why we use CBA,” he said.

Garbage collection also resumed and all public beaches are open, but no lifeguards will be on duty until Saturday.

As of noon today, 12,000 or 34 percent of the island remained without electricity.

But overall, the Minister said: “Bermuda is back up and running.”

Moving forward he said lessons were learned from Humberto, which gave the EMO the opportunity to “hone our skills”, he added.

“With Jerry, we can work a little more closely with each other and we believe going forward that we can only get stronger.”

The Minister also noted that most roads are now back open but he said: “We’re still making sure bus laybys are clear.

“People have got to be patient but must also exercise a little more wisdom.”

We’ll have more on today’s news conference in subsequent reports, with the latest developments on Hurricane Jerry.