As anticipated, Humberto was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane overnight and remains a threat to Bermuda.
Forecasters at the Bermuda Weather Service say the closest point of approach to the island within the next three days is forecast to be closer than initially anticipated – some 91 nm to our NW around 5am Thursday, September 19.
But they warned this system may move closer to Bermuda after this time period depending upon its track.
Hurricane Humberto is now the third storm system of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, following the monstrous wrath of Dorian, the Category 5 hurricane that devastated The Bahamas.

As of 6am Monday, the storm was located some 104 miles north-west of the island. It is anticipated that Humberto will reach its closest point of approach by 5am on Thursday as a Category 2 hurricane.

At last check, the National Hurricane Center said the storm was packing sustained winds of 86 mph with gusts to 104 mph, moving north-east at 5 mph.

Meanwhile, the Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO) is continuing to keep a close watch on the track of this latest system.

National Security Minister Wayne Caines said: “The EMO is prepared and stands ready to convene should the weather system’s forecasted track pose a threat to Bermuda.

“I take this opportunity to remind the public that Bermuda is in the midst of hurricane season. I strongly encourage the public to revisit your business, household and family preparedness plans,” he added.

Hurricane preparedness steps include:

  • Securing homes and checking storm shutters. Finalising any repairs around the house
  • Having the necessary supply of batteries, including a back-up battery / power supply for mobile phones
  • Having at least two weeks supply of medication for yourself, other family members or pets
  • Updating first aid kits
  • Checking gas canisters for use
  • Having necessary unperishable food supplies in the house
  • Have an analogue phone in case the power goes out
  • Have a radio that runs on batteries that can tune into the Emergency Radio Station 100.1FM

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