Seven recipients were presented with educational awards this year by the Elliot School Alumni Association.

A ceremony was held last wee at the Christ Anglican Church in Devonshire.

This year’s scholarship awards were presented by trustee Leon Simmons, to: Nisaiah Berkeley, Nasya Burgess, Jaden Smith, Naphisa Smith, Judah Smith-Dyer, Kristy Sanchez Vega, and Layla Williams.

Applicants are required to have either attended Elliot Primary School, or be a close relative of someone who attended the school.

The further education awards are funded by The Elliot Trust.

Top Feature Photo Supplied: Back row from left – Jayden Smith, Mr Williams receiving on behalf of his daughter Layla Williams, Mrs Smith accepting on behalf of her daughter Naphisa Smith. Front row from left – Judah Smith-Dyer, Kristy Sanchez Vega, Nasya Burgess and Nisaiah Berkeley, Leon Simmons